Emergency Saline Removal

Safe ♡ Powerful ♡ Effective

Emergency saline removal will lighten pigment/ink that was freshly tattooed into the skin. Best results are between immediately after your initial session to 48 hours. Our all natural product is safe to use around the eye area and will remove any mistake that was made during the procedure.

The healing process day 1-10 there will redness and the area will scab over. During this stage it's very important to keep the area dry and clean. Water should make as little contact with the area as possible. After that time period the scabs will fall off naturally and the skin may appear pinkish. At this time it's important to apply Vitamin E and scar creams.

This procedure involves NO NEEDLES AND WILL NOT EFFECT BROW HAIRS. Your appointment must be booked for a time period within the 48 hour period not after. If no available times are showing on the booking page, please text 438-520-2339 immediately.