Deposit are non refundable once received. Deposit is only put in place when booking an appointment. Deposit is the amount put in place to reserve your spot. Deposit does go towards the price of your final total. Deposit is required for old and new customers. 

Bookings and Reservations:

Upon booking all must be taken into consideration:

When making a reservation, if a service of more value is booked and confirmed the client is responsible to make the payment for the selected service. If the client makes a reservation but, selected services have higher value at the appointment clients are responsible for paying the difference. When booking the appointment you are automatically agreeing to the Montreal Mink policy. 

Third Party Reservations:

ALL third party reservations will be refused. If an appointment is booked by a third party and deposit is paid by third party deposit will NOT be refunded. At no point will any third party reservations be valid. Montreal Mink is not responsible for false information granted from the third party. All third party appointment will be refused if the customer is not under 18 and the appointment is being booked by a parent/guardian. Montreal Mink reserves the right to refuse customers who arrive at the appointment with a third party. Montreal Mink reserves the right to refuse any appointment and customer who is not the original appointment customer


When rescheduling fees are required. Which doesn’t go towards your final price as it is the fee solely to change your appointment date or time. Rescheduling fee is required for old and new customers.


Late Fee:

Late fees are applied to the final service price after 10 Minutes $10.00 is applied. Late fee is non negotiable and is for all customers new and returning. After 15 minutes appointments COMPLETELY CANCELED. Those who are reluctant will be subjected to being permanently black listed.


Upon cancelling an appointment deposits WILL NOT be refunded as they are non refundable. Cancelling 24 hours prior can be rescheduled at a $10.00 fee that does not go towards you final price. After the 24 hour mark you will be required for rebook an appointment at standard deposit price.


No Shows , multiple unconfirmed appointments or those with debt will be blacklisted. Blacklisted is used in terms of no longer accepting appointments from that client. Those who are blacklisted will not be removed the list at any point. Customers blacklisted for no show appointments will be subjected to pay remaining amount from no showed appointment & full amount for service(s) of interest as a deposit for their next appointment.

Hair Services:

All hair services are non refundable at any point. Including deposits. Customers are responsible for the after care of styles and extensions. Montreal Mink is not responsible for any bad or faulty after care. Montreal Mink reserves the right to refuse any customer whose natural hair is not is proper condition i.e clean, clear of any rashes or scabs and no harsh smells.

Post Appointment:

Customers are responsible for the after care and preservation of their extensions. Montreal Mink agrees to correct damaged lashes within 24 hours, if it was a categorized as a application issue. Though this does not include refunds from Montreal Mink.



Due to the personal nature of the products sold by MontrealMink ALL purchases are final sale.If any items arrived damaged please contact MontrealMink to resolve the issue. 

Montreal Mink reserves the right to refuse false claims made for items purchases.


Montreal Mink aims to ship all online purchases a soon as possible please allow 2-5 business says for your items to ship. 

All online orders include a tracking number in which you can track your items from the moment they are shipped until they arrive at your home. Please allow 24 hours to shipment tracking to update.

Delivery times range from 2-15 days depending on delivery location and shipping option chose during check out. 

Lost/Stolen Packages:

All packages require a signature. If a customer chooses to void that option Montreal Mink will not be responsible for the missing package.


Cancelled orders or returned orders are charged a 10% restock fee. Shipping fees are not refunded at any time.

Please note that this policy and prices on this site is non negotiable at any point.